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Vox Adio Air GT (Is It Any Good?)Some people seem to think this is the best practice amp in the world. Is it worth the hype? Let's find out. The Vox Adio Air

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The Vox Adio Air GT is a small desktop guitar amp with modeling capabilities. Packing a massive 50W into a small package, this tiny but mighty amp boasts 11 amp models (23 if you use the app/software), a range of different effects, Bluetooth connectivity, eight slots for custom presets and two 3” speakers working in stereo.

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The Vox Adio Air GT is a fantastic performing amp that suits small-large venues while being portable enough for convenient transport during practice. Flaunting tons of onboard effects, 3 band EQ controls, and lots of options to customize your sound, this multi-purpose Adio amp is ideal for any guitarist regardless of their playing experience.

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