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  • ICOM IC-706MKⅡG A UT-106付

    Установка DSP UT-106 в ICOM 706mk2g + Раскрытие на передачу в СиБи + Демонстрация работы NR и ANF Let's Play Radio - ICOM IC-706MKII, Signalink and DX Commander ICOM IC 706mkIIG DSP and Z100 Tuner demo Installing an Icom IDAS digital board(UT-126h) into an Icom IC-F3162 hand portable. Icom IC-7300 Settings for SSB Voice Pair The ICOM IC - 705 Transceiver With The XPA125B Amplifier To Get 100 Watts From Your QRP Rig Icom IC-R75 \u0026 Yaesu VR-5000 (SSB) Ham radio band (40m) SP1B /QRP/P Icom IC-705 \u0026 1/4 vertical antena 14 Mhz How I connect my Icom IC-7300 to an XLR Microphone Icom IC-9700 SETUP for WSJT/Digital Modes (Easy and Simple) 1296 on the Icom IC-705 Icom IC-7300 panadapter waterfall display settings for detail and weak signals How To Unlock A New Baofeng UV-5R - Easy UV5R Jailbreak Hack To Transmit On GMRS \u0026 Other Frequencies A股3000点必有反转!刚刚一条消息危机重演?未来3天股市剧本定了 ICOM IC-705 EXPANDED TX MOD - PLAYING ON THE CB BANDS!!! Ham Radio: Icom 2730A Dual Band Transceiver Overview and Demo Icom IC-7300 HF/50mhz transceiver complete review demo Icom IC-905 FULL Details and REVEAL! VHF/UHF \u0026 SHF Radio My thoughts on the Icom Ic-7300 after one year of use Why I Won't Buy An Icom IC-705 Making HAM RADIO contacts on a classic transceiver ICOM IC-706

  • 蔵衛門PAD(KP04-QZ)
  • 303 SURF BOARD ベビークィーン

  • 営業時間

    ランチ 11:30~15:00

    ディナー 17:00~23:00お席の種類

    総席数 51席
    貸切可能人数 15名~20名
    宴会最大人数 着席時20名京阪本線 祇園四条駅 4番出口 徒歩5分

  • 駐車場